rorrimirror was rendered by the 148-loudspeaker surround sound system in The Cube at Virginia Tech. The Cube is a four-story-high, state-of-the-art theatre and high tech laboratory.



Program notes:
Imagine listening through a "sonic mirror" into another universe that behaves according to different laws of physics. rorrimirror is just the kind of music composition that would span both universes by straddling this sonic mirror. For 62 virtual metronomes bouncing on 62 virtual resonators.
Representation of the physical model using Synth-A-Modeler
    Physical modeling is an intriguing sound synthesis technique for electroacoustic music composition. Complex virtual physical systems (consisting of springs, masses, dampers, resonators, strings, and more) are designed and interconnected with each other to realize models for generating intricately organized sounds.   The physical model for this composition has been designed to be capable of leveraging high-density loudspeaker arrays in ways not normally accessible to electroacoustic music. For this reason, each of the 62 mechanical resonators (e.g. each of the purple “tuning forks” shown below in the Figure) is connected to its own loudspeaker channel. In this manner, each channel can be metronomically controlled, resulting in an output signal that is completely decorrelated from the other output signals.