A Sound Walk Through Chaos Forest is an electroacoustic miniature written for two circle map oscillators. Their parameters are adjusted in real time by the controls of an embedded instrument. As the parameters are adjusted, the performer walks the listener through a forest of chaotic sounds. From time to time during the work, a coupling parameter is increased, causing the two circle map “resonances” to mirror each other’s dynamic behavior. This resembles how many objects in a real forest resonate with each other (although on a much slower scale), enabling the energy of life to flow back and forth. At the close of this electroacoustic miniature, the sounds of the two circle map resonances fuse together, creating a composite timbre, whose whole is more than the sum of the parts.

This work was performed at the High Voltage concert in February 2018 at LSU, at the International Conference in New Interfaces for Music Expression in Blacksburg, VA and at the International Computer Music Conference in Daegu, South Korea.

The complete score and mathematical description can be found here.

This dipole instrument was used to perform this work. The right hand operates five mini-joysticks while the left hand operates a volume control and other knobs.