Cast off your hang-ups! This installation aims to help you let go of issues that you may be having. Wait until Hang-ups is not in use (i.e. the door is open), and then follow this procedure:

  1. Pick up the earpiece and hold it to your ear.
  2. Speak one of your hang-ups as a sentence or a phrase.
  3. Hear the sound of your hang-up as the telephone conveys it back to you through the earpiece. Then listen to the sound of your hang-up decay away as the response gradually grows softer and softer.
  4. Hang up the earpiece to lay your issue to rest.
  5. Repeat with another hang-up. Stop when satisfied.

Example hang-ups that you might consider:

  • Trying to make everything perfect.
  • Wanting to always have good coffee.
  • Wanting every one of my works to have a great concept.
  • Trying to follow every rule in the book.
  • Not allowing myself to be satisfied.

  • Hang-ups is very simple. Hang-ups was made by embedding a Raspberry Pi 0 inside of a candlestick telephone (see below). The Raspberry Pi receives the audio signal from the microphone, processes it using audio DSP, and sends the processed signal to the earpiece. The only electrical connection from Hang-ups to the outside world is via an AC 120V power plug (not shown here but very simple).