Because Of The Flood facilitates sharing of experiences from the 2016 Louisiana floods.




During the flood

  • my backyard became an ocean, with waves lapping up the grass
  • water burst forth from under the Earth, devouring the sidewalk
  • the streets turned into rivers, streaming over and around us
  • everything swam away, only the jealous water persisted

After the flood, I

  • stayed inside tending to my family
  • avoided facebook like the plague

D1: Play a melody if you know someone who had to evacuate. D2: Play a melody if you know someone who was rescued. D3: Play a melody if you helped clean out a house. D4: Play a melody if you volunteered at a shelter.

Because of the flood, I

  • visited an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time
  • learned the point of view of the homeless
  • got rid of lots of old junk
  • met my neighbors

Conclude with a prayer or a positive affirmation. Here are some examples: • I do not judge the universe. (Dalai Lama XIV) • I am like a giant oak tree